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TIMAGE Jade Creamy Concealer Palette 彩棠润玉无暇三色遮瑕膏

TIMAGE Jade Creamy Concealer Palette 彩棠润玉无暇三色遮瑕膏

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Designed to provide comprehensive coverage and a natural-looking finish, this high-quality product is a must-have for your makeup collection.


  1. Triple-tone Formula: The concealer palette consists of three carefully curated shades to match different skin tones and cover imperfections effortlessly.
  2. Seamless Blending: The creamy texture blends seamlessly into the skin, creating a smooth and even complexion.
  3. Customizable Coverage: Each shade can be used individually or mixed to achieve the desired coverage and correct specific problem areas.
  4. Long-lasting Effect: The formula is designed to stay in place throughout the day, ensuring your flawless look lasts from morning till night.
  5. Skin-friendly Ingredients: Formulated with nourishing and gentle ingredients, our concealer is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

01 is suitable for natural skin

Net: 5g

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