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REVER Chocolate Foot Bath 乐若巧克力转转浴霸

REVER Chocolate Foot Bath 乐若巧克力转转浴霸

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“A Chocolate That You Can’t Eat It With Your Mouth! “

Rever Foot Spa & Bath Bomb is the perfect gift to pamper yourself or others in a relaxing foot  or bath soak after a tiring work day, outing or staycation !

Foot Bath Healing Powers :

 Warms the Blood and the Soul  Warms Up Cold Hands & Feet, Stimulates Blood Circulation.
 Improve Your Physical Health  Relieving Menstrual Pain.
 Stamps Out Stress  Reduces Depression and Anxiety, Fights Fatigue and Improve Sleeping Quality at Night.
 Softens and Beautifies the Feet   Say Good-bye to Dryness and Hello to Soft, Healthy Feet.



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