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Quadha Enriching Moisturing Lyophilization Mask 夸迪水盈倍润冻干面膜

Quadha Enriching Moisturing Lyophilization Mask 夸迪水盈倍润冻干面膜

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The innovative freeze-drying technology locks in the freshness of the active ingredients, which are then released upon contact with water, ensuring maximum efficacy. The mask is crafted with carefully selected "Lyocell" fabric, known for its superior moisture retention properties, leaving your skin feeling intensely hydrated and nourished.

This extraordinary mask is enriched with a powerful blend of ingredients, including Tremella fuciformis extract, squalane, Centella asiatica extract, Moringa leaf extract, and Lactobacillus ferment lysate. Together, they work to replenish and lock in moisture, revealing a beautifully radiant complexion.

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