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MAOGEPING 【LIGHT】Flawless Double-Colour Concealer 毛戈平.光韵无暇双色遮瑕膏

MAOGEPING 【LIGHT】Flawless Double-Colour Concealer 毛戈平.光韵无暇双色遮瑕膏

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This Moisurising concealer from the Makeup Master Mr MAO Geping‘s new collection MAOGEPING【LIGHT】, delivers undetectable full coverage with a natural finish. This product is more creamy comparing to the classic Flawless Double-Colour Concealer. Ideal for dry skin users.

Weight: 4g

Product's texture is creamy and smooth so it seats on your skin with comfort and grab.

*For a limited time only, Gift with Purchase: MAOGEPING Double Tip Concealer Brush (RRP$36)!

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